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Joseph RuggeroliWelcome to my blog! My name is Joseph Ruggeroli and I will be writing on topics about growing up in Las Vegas, my day to day experiences as a Realtor in Summerlin and some great suggestions about events and things to do that make Summerlin and Las Vegas the greatest place to live in the United States!


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  1. Joseph, I am writing form Rockport Massachusetts in Northern Mass. I have been reading a lot about Government tax forclosure sales. Are there any out there that you know of?

    I would like to know if this is for real or if it is just a bunch of bull. Do you know anything about this sort of thing.

    I would appreciate your expertise. Thanks


  2. Hello Libby,
    I am aware of several foreclosure auctions or sales not necessarily related to taxes here in Las Vegas. hese are real and conducted by reputable companies, however I can provide you with information on foreclosure or short sale properties that are great bargains!
    If you read my recent posts, I strongly feel that it is a great time to purchase real estate in Las Vegas and in addition to foreclosure or distressed properties new home builders are offering large price reductions, generous incentives towards upgrades, closing costs or interest rate buydowns of as much as $100,000!

  3. Another thing to consider is that in an auction, the prices tend to be more than if you made an offer directly to the lender because of the exiting atmosphere the auctioneer creates!

  4. Love your blog! Very informative. Looking foward to future posts : )

  5. Thank you very much Nena! I strive to provide the most informative and entertaining commentary I can! Make sure that you tell your friends and family to subscribe!

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