A great group to be a part of!

Tom Warden, Vice President of Community and Government Relations for the Howard Hughes CorporationI recently joined the Summerlin Friends of Red Rock, a group incubated by the Howard Hughes Corporation developers of Summerlin.  The group is a branch of the Friends of Red Rock Canyon which originated in 1985 to preserve the canyon’s resources and provide a volunteer organization to assist the BLM.  I had a great time at the welcome chuck-wagon breakfast and interpretative hike on the Moenkopi trail near the visitors center.  We had a great naturalist, Athena, with the Red Rock Canyon Interpretative Association.  Athena pointed out plants that the native Americans used to wash their clothes, eat and use as a straw and rock formations that geologists come from all over the world to study at Red Rock Canyon- all stuff the typical person sees as desert wasteland!  I had a GREAT time listening to Athena and laughing at Tom’s many jokes and one liners!  This is a great way to meet your neighbors and do something good for this national treasure! 


2 Responses

  1. Red Rock Canyon is a wonderful place to visit, bike, drive, and specially hike. After that last hike to the Keystone Thrust with our hike leader Pat, and after listening to her explanation on why that beautiful place is called such, I wondered while sitting there soaking up the sun, why some people are so passioned about that place than others?
    The Friends of Red Rock Canyon do a wonderful job in educating not only the community, but visitors from around the world. Educating the public about how to visit while preserving, is the key. I wished that this wonderful organization could advertise their work on Red Rock more. It benefits the residents of Summerlin, North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, even Henderson and Boulder City, with a great place to enjoy what Las Vegas has to offer; beauty like no other.


  2. Thank you Soraya,
    I am enjoying my membership in the Friends of Red Rock Canyon and look forward to many enjoyable hikes and meeting new friends like you! Thanks for the comment!

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