Senior Economist says the Las Vegas Housing Market is poised to rally!!

NAR Senior Economist Lawrence Yun

NAR Senior Economist Lawrence Yun

The National Association of Realtors’ Chief Economist made a statement at the Realtor’s Rocky Mountain Regional Conference in Las Vegas last week that may surprise you.  He not only said what I have been saying all along that “Low mortgage rates combined with first-time home-buyer assistance from the stimulus package, will push buyers off the fence and into affordable homes”, Mr Yun said.  I paraphrased most of his speech as reprinted from the Las Vegas Review Journal.   “I think Vegas will be the bell weather of how the nation will recover”, he said.  “Rising sales could help stabilize prices by the end of the year.  Vegas is a leading edge and portends what’s coming for the rest o f the country and also for financial institutions.”  He went on to say that “…monthly sales of existing homes have doubled for the past few months, a precondition for prices to stabilize.  The long-term prospect for Las Vegas is bright because baby-boomers reaching retirement age are migrating to cities with warm climates and favorable tax structures, the economist said. (see my post National Publications are Buzzing about Las Vegas)  ”  The home buyer tax credit accounts for less than $10 billion of the new $787 billion stimulus package, a rather small amount, but nonetheless sufficient to help spark a comeback, Yun said.  “I’m a little disappointed that it didn’t address as much as it could have, given the size of the bill,’ he said.  The plan features an $8000, non-refundable tax credit for first- time home buyers and it raises FHA limits to $400,000 in Las Vegas.  The media has led us to believe that new home sales have totally collapsed but their production has been cut way back, which is keeping inventory levels in check so naturally fewer sales will result. 
So prices are low and a PHD in economics predicts that Las Vegas will the first to emerge from the housing crisis!  So what have we learned?  The window of opportunity to take advantage of the current price levels is slowly closing and recovery is coming in the near future!   If you have questions or comments please leave them in the space below and make sure you visit my website to search for homes and to contact me directly for more information! 

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