More Great Summerlin Homes News!!

Boulder Ridge Plan 2 Kitchen

Boulder Ridge Plan 2 Kitchen

I was recently asked by Christopher Homes to participate their new education seminar, the Realtor Ambassador program.  I was blown away by these homes and the floor plans, upgrades and the area! First, Boulder Ridge is located in The Ridges in Summerlin , which in my opinion, is the finest place to live in the entire Valley.  These beautiful homes range from 4400sf to 5900sf and start in the upper $1 millions.   The standard upgrades and finishes available here are much more elaborate than I have seen even in most custom homes!  Features like pivot front doors, kitchens with two of everything, slick wall texture, unique door hardware, stone flooring and counters and exotic hardwood cabinetry (like zebra-wood and gum wood)!  All this and home-sites of 1/3acre to 1/2acre at prices that in many cases is lower than building it yourself!  In addition to these incredible homes, Christopher is offering  jumbo financing at 6% with only 25% down.  For those of us who don’t want to sell our homes at the current prices, Christopher has a solution:  sign a contract to purchase a B. R. home but only buy the home-site at that time and then they give you 24 months to sell your home all the

Boulder Ridge Plan One Living Room

Boulder Ridge Plan One Living Room

while your new home is under construction.  So this gives you time to sell your home in a more favorable market and lock in today’s prices on the home of your dreams at Boulder Ridge!   They also offer a sale/leaseback for investors looking for locked in cash flow.  The plan one home is available with out artwork but fully furnished with a lease payment of $19,630/month (8%)  for a guaranteed year!  An investment that yields an 8% return!  Please contact me for more information about these tremendous homes and these incentives!  And remember to contact your Ambassador to schedule a tour of Boulder Ridge!

Ladera Canyon

Ladera Canyon

Ladera Ridge at Ladera Canyon my Richmond American Homes is closing out their community located in The Mesas.  The floorplans are unique for Richmond in Las Vegas and they offer some great spaces!   I got a call from a sales person and they told me that the homes they have left in the Mesa can be purchased with free upgrades!!  So think of this buying a home with the natural stone floors and upgraded finishes for no additional cost!  This is a tremendous opportunity in the Mesas and I love these homes! 
If you are interested in touring Boulder Ridge and seeing these fabulous homes or Richmond American’s models in the Mesa please contact me on my mobile and we will set up an appt!  Please leave me a comment and make sure to visit!  

Next post: The return of Mira Villa!


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