I want to give a shout out to a new business in Las Vegas!

I have heard that people who open businesses in recessions put themselves ahead of the game when the economy recovers because they have weathered the storm.  So anyone who starts a new business in this economy must be a genius!  I recently met a young entrepreneur who has done just that and I wanted to give her some well deserved credit!  Kelly Villatoro started a design and home staging company called Luxurious Living here in Fabulous Las Vegas!  I love design and architecture so I decided to take a look at her portfolio and was very impressed!  Educated in design at UNLV and CSN, Kelly went to work for a firm here in Las Vegas that was based in Canada called Haverhill Home Staging before striking out on her own.  Kelly maintains membership in the Association of Design Education and is studying to be a Leed Accredited Professional.  I have found her to be very practical in her use of space and how it relates to the design and the elements within it. 

A home stager gives potential buyers ideas how to set up a space as well as making homes more attractive through incorporating colors and pieces that make it unresistable to buyers!  Home builders do the same thing with their model homes and as you can imagine the homes sell quicker and for more money when they are perfectly staged!    Kelly and Luxurious Living do it better than I have seen and I heartily recommend them for both impeccable design as well as home staging when selling your home!  So when you are ready to sell you home give me a call and we will put Luxurious Living on the job! 

Make sure to watch for upcoming posts about the recovering Las Vegas Real Estate Market as well as new developments in Summerlin!

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