High Taxes have you considering a move elsewhere? Why not Las Vegas?

I continue to hear about states like Oregon, Illinois, Maryland and California raising taxes.   In some cases, these taxes are focused on the “wealthy” and small businesses facing increases of as much as 60%!  As a native Las Vegan, I ask why not consider a move to Nevada?  How could anyone plan for the future with the uncertainty of taxes rising at these levels with no end in sight!  How can a business plan for hiring and growth with an uncertain business and tax environment?  May I suggest consideration of a move to Las Vegas? 

I can hear people asking why would anyone think about a move to Las Vegas let alone Nevada!  The fact is that Nevada is the Fourth LOWEST state for business taxes in the US!  That goes double for individuals as well! 

Nevada has:

  • No State Business Income Tax
  • No State Income Tax (actually is prohibited by the constitution)
  • No State Estate Tax
  • No State Franchise Tax
  • No State Gift Tax
  • No State Inventory Tax
  • No State Tax on Corporate Shares
  • Cap on Property Tax Increases
  • Minimum Tax Increases
  • Minimum Payroll Taxes

How does that compare to your state?  I am getting several calls a week from people who are begging me to help them relocate to Las Vegas to establish residency so they can avoid the crushing taxes in their home states!  You can take back 30% of your gross or more by a move to Nevada!  I can assist you with your relocation (even if you maintain homes in other parts of the country) and establishment of residency for FREE!  How is that possible you ask? I am a real estate professional, a Realtor, and will help you find and purchase your new residence here.  The sellers usually pay my fee so its free to you!  I will assist you with the rest at no cost to you!  Feel free to email me or leave a comment on the site  if you have any questions or if you would like more information!  I have spent my life in this great community and am very knowledgable in this process so contact me!  I am happy to help!  Watch for my next blog post about a new residential development in Summerlin you will love!


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