Exciting Summerlin News!!

Big moves have been happening all over the Las Vegas Valley with lots of land being bought up by home builders and commercial developers!  In the last couple of weeks the Howard Hughes Company, a subsidiary of General Growth Properties announced new land sales in the Summerlin area.  A recent article in the Las Vegas Sun detailed that 503 finished lots are being sold to Pulte Homes and Richmond American Homes in the Mesas Village in Summerlin.  In addition to these residential lots, a 7.21 acre parcel is in the process of being sold to commercial developers to construct a in-line strip center focusing on Luxury Car Dealerships and two restaurants.  Summerlin’s top executive, Kevin Orrock said that the time is right for Summerlin to resume development. 

The most exciting news is that GGP recently signaled its intent to sell land to a high-tech manufacturer that will bring thousands of jobs to the region.  This manufacturer was not named in the Sun article but it appears to be the billionaire founder and CEO of Red Digital Camera Jim Jannard, founder of Oakley, Inc. won zoning changes to build an 80 acre high-end digital movie camera manufacturing plant, sound studios and homes for himself, actors and others from the movie industry.  This will eventually employ 1000-2000 and could create several support businesses to serve this huge complex!  This is all great news that will add many jobs and contribute to our local economy!  Feel free to leave a comment or question! 


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